Auditing Arrangement

Audit Arrangement

Capital Word is dedicated to assisting corporate clients in satisfying the statutory requirements related to the audit Arrangement, in accordance with relevant rules. Our audit Arrangement not only evaluate the financial information but also consider potential risks of the enterprise in operation. Furthermore, we provide specific audit Arrangement and operation results evaluation based on the financial statements and accounting records of our corporate clients.

With accumulated knowledge and experience in various industries, our audit experts pay great attention to the target risk of each industry, and closely supervise other factors of the financial report, thus helping the enterprise to avoid risks

Our Audit Arrangement Service:

 Document Requirement

Documents(but not limited to these) checklist for those companies need our audit arrangement service:
  • Bank Statement of the Financial Year
  • All The Invoice of Daily Operation
  • Latest Audit Report(if any)
  • Documents Filed to Company Registry
  • Documents Filed to IRD

 Procedure of Audit Arrangement

All the things done by just few steps:
  • Provide Documents to Capital World
  • Documents Review
  • Company Status Meeting
  • Sign the Documents