Bank of China

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, referred to BOCHK, is Hong Kong's second-largest commercial banking group in assets. In Hong Kong, there are more than more than three hundred branches.

BOCHK is one of three issued in addition to the bank, is one of the founders of JETCO ATM network is also designated Hong Kong's RMB clearing bank transactions. BOCHK and its parent company Bank of China are two separate individuals, but it is their business and network relationships are complex and inseparable. So back country of the world environment outlook foundation under development in Hong Kong, BOCHK has certain advantages.


Required documents to open a company account

  1. identity of directors and shareholders to prove the original document (proof of identity, and from the permit or passport, business cards);
  2. The original business registration certificate / registration original certificate / company original statutes / company signature stamp / registration of statutory documents (if renamed file to be submitted to change the share capital increase);
  3. The directors and shareholders of address proof (nearly three months bank statement / water / electricity / telephone bills payment supporting documents);
  4. Business proof / business plan (for example: the company's orders, purchase and sale invoices, contracts, bills of lading, etc.);
  5. accountants signed account opening document (the company can provide);
  6. Cash Account (HK $ 5,000-10,000) 6. deposited. If you want to deposit more cash, you can bank on your company's account after the stored search.


Company account opening process:

  1. Recommended Bank
  2. Prepare and signed by a certified accountant company documents
  3. Preparation of the meeting record
  4. The Bank arranged the date and time
  5. in bank accounts by hand full assistance