Bank Account Opening

Must meet before they can operate a bank account registered in Hong Kong after the company effective if companies do not have bank accounts, how to honor the letter of credit to receive payment from customers, how to open a letter of credit purchases, holding a lot of time and how to deal with cash flow? Therefore able to open bank account is one of the conditions that must be considered when determining a company registered capital Universal assist clients in Hong Kong open a company bank account. With appropriate tax arrangements for customers to save a large sum of tax expenditures. Can internationally renowned, recognized, reputable bank to open an account in Hong Kong can strengthen confidence and trust in other people for your company.

 Advantages of HK company Bank Accounts

  • Without exchange controls, capital allocation freely
  • Facilitate the settlement of international trade receivables
  • Interest exempt from tax, higher real return deposits
  • Freely convertible currencies
  • Simple account of daily operation, open online banking transactions
  • To facilitate international trade finance banks 

 The Requirement of bank account opening

  • Shareholders and directors of the original proof of identity
  • The original business registration certificate
  • The original articles of the company
  • Company Chop
  • Registered legal files
  • Director proof of address
  • Business documents, such as: orders, purchase and sale invoices, contracts, bills of lading, etc.
  • Accountant Forensic File


 The process of account opening

  1. Submit an application to open an account
  2. Batch put the account number
  3. Send checkbook
  4. Send online banking passwords
  5. Start Internet Banking password confirmation
  6. First Internet Banking logon service
  7. Send or receive ATM card and password

 Precautions After Opening

  1. keep a good bank statements, and water alone, the spending bill the company, the need for later use;
  2. Bank of search time is generally one to two weeks, different for each bank;
  3. from the date of notification, the account can begin operation, such as a month failed to start the account, the account will be automatically canceled