Company bank account opening arrangement

The Bank Account:

Whether your company to establish where in the world, able to open a bank account in Hong Kong. In general, Hong Kong companies, Chinese companies offshore companies and overseas companies, can be accepted by the bank to open an account, except for the bank blacklisted countries and regions.

Local Accounts and Offshore Accounts:

For enterprises, any business can open local accounts and offshore accounts, local accounts referring to the Hong Kong enterprises in Hong Kong local bank to open an account; refers to offshore accounts in Hong Kong corporate banking outside Hong Kong opened account, or outside the company in Hong Kong to open an offshore account.

Type of Bank Account:

Generally divided into:

  • HK savings accounts,
  • Foreign currency savings account (including all the common currency),
  • HK checking account (also known as HK $ current account) and Credit accounts.

Some banks put more accounts collectively referred to as integrated financial account, all accounts can receive the credit. But if you want to open a letter of credit, it is necessary to open letters of credit accounts. In order to facilitate the functioning of the SME capital sources, the bank may be open for business stock accounts, fund accounts, insurance accounts and so on.


  1. Hong Kong banks require more than two-thirds of the directors of the Company (the best of all directors) personally to the bank formalities;
  2. The shareholders: the proportion of shares in more than 9 percent of shareholders (including 9%, preferably all shareholders) must go to the bank to open an account;
  3. By company directors or shareholders authorized the operation of the operating bank accounts, as at the time of opening the company accounts also need to simultaneously attend to handle all relevant procedures and signed on paper.

Tips: Account signed or directors if the company is the mainland Chinese people, China must hold a passport or permit to open an account and from Hong Kong and Macao.

 Documents Requirment

Open a company bank account required information:

  1. identity document in original directors (proof of identity, and from the permit or passport, business cards);
  2. the original business registration certificate / registration original certificate / company original statutes / company signature stamp / registration of statutory documents (if renamed file to be submitted to change the share capital increase);
  3. Directors address proof (nearly three months of water / electricity / telephone bills payment supporting documents);
  4. the business proved / business plan (for example: the company's orders, purchase and sale invoices, contracts, bills of lading, etc.);
  5. the account opening documents signed accountant (Division I can offer);
  6. deposited in the cash account (HK $ 5,000-10,000). If you want to deposit more cash, you can bank on your company's account after the stored search.

Sixth, services

 Our Services Included

Recommended Bank, prepared by an accountant signed account opening documents, arrange Bank branches to the mainland issued a letter of instruction witness signature, issued by the meeting records and bank account application, arrange referrals, full assistance to open an account and so on.

 The time required to open an account

Usually within one hour signing bank documents can be signed finished, if open an account in Hong Kong, guests can return to the mainland the same day. After Hong Kong and overseas companies to open an account need to go through by the search section, under normal circumstances, the bank receives a complete file company accounts data directors and shareholders, will immediately open an account, the account out after completion of search, you can pre-deposit, After receiving the password and other information before the official opening of the account (eg transfers, wire transfers, etc.). Banks often list and Cooperation: Shanghai HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, DBS Bank, CITIC Bank.

 Important Note

  1. Keep good bank statements, and water alone, the expenses of the company notes, the need for later use;Extension services
  2. Bank of search time is generally one to two weeks, different for each bank;
  3. Since the date of notification, the account can start functioning, such as within a month failed to start the account, the account will be canceled automatically;
  4. If you want to open a private account, the need to bring the original ID card or passport, proof of address, pre-deposit of $ 10,000;
  5. All changes to shareholders, the company name change, to increase the registered capital of the company, the meeting must be recorded and accountants signed documents be submitted to the bank (if the bank has left India's signature, after the change of company name printed signature also submit bank ); more than one year, companies must submit annual reports, minutes of meetings and accountants signed documents to the bank.

 Extension Services

After the successful opening of a bank account, customers can follow the relevant business in the future with the bank-related such as:
Letters of credit up, Telegraphic transfer (T / T), Inter-bank transfers and Check stubs and so on.