Payroll System Support

Whether you are small/medium sized companies, multinationals, new startups or established companies, our accounting & payroll outsourcing team can provide tailored solutions to help you in managing your business, meeting both internal or statutory deadlines, ensuring confidentiality of your information, letting you focus on the core aspects of your business and better use of your resources for core business functions.

Payroll services include:

  • Initial set up of payroll system, including:
    - Employer registration for mandatory provident fund scheme
    - Payroll database
  • Payroll calculation and salary and provident fund contribution payment processing
  • Preparation of employees' pay slips
  • Maintenance of payroll related information such as allowances and benefits
  • Processing of employee expense reimbursements

 On employment matters

in addition to entrepreneurs who want to ensure compliance with law exception, should be the early establishment of a sound remuneration system and payroll arrangements, in order to establish good labor relations in future. First to be considered is the monthly or weekly payroll, there is no overtime allowance, other allowances or bonuses,

 Payroll arrangement

Payroll arrangement with most of these companies have adopted a monthly basis, by check or direct transfer payroll. In comparison, the direct transfer of benefits can be reduced provincial issuance and distribution of checks work, but also to avoid possible errors when handwritten or printed checks.

 Payroll records

keep payroll records is the responsibility of the employer, and systematically save payroll records also look up at any time when necessary to facilitate the future. Payroll records system should be established in watching compatibility with existing information systems, so as to avoid the setting of different systems need to spend additional time and manpower unity and finishing materials.

 Procedure for Applying Our Payroll System Service

  • Meeting for Payroll System: Discussion for Company Payroll Matters
  • Sign Application Documents
  • Payroll System Bank Account Opening Arrangement(if any)
  • Mandatory Provident Fund Account Opening Arrangement(if any)

 Capital World 

  • Employees of calculation and payment Caculation
  • Prepare payroll slips to employees
  • salaries of management accounts
  • handle salaries and pensions of employer's return
  • handle matters for the company owner MPF (MPF), such as registration and renewal of MPF